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Who we are

La Jolie Jewellery WLL is one of the most renowned diamond and jewellery specialists in the Middle East. Operating since 1978, La Jolie has been a pioneer in the jewellery sector, with known patent technologies which have revolutionized jewellery manufacturing to maximize productivity.

By providing diverse jewellery styles such as traditional, international classic and casual, La Jolie targets consumers of all age groups, tastes and budgets.

What we are doing?

With a global vision and dedication to serving the needs of every client, La Jolie provides retail services to all countries of the Arabian Gulf area.

Our quality products and technical expertise has led La Jolie to partnerships and coalition initiatives with reputable brands in the local region, Dubai, Italy, Singapore, Turkey and India.

Jewelry manufactured by La Jolie commands a premium in the market for its uniqueness of design and quality workmanship. All designs have been developed internally by an active team to efficient designers who are involved extensively in the market survey.


The business model operated at La Jolie now integrates all operations from designing, cutting, polishing, plating and distributing.

Our Vision

The vision and ideas of the top management has guided and lead the company towards excellence and success.

Highly qualified engineers and professionals help the management in acquiring the company’s objectives and strive for more achievements. La Jolie Jewellery has become a name to reckon with at home and abroad.

We invite you to explore our world.

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